About Us

Our Story
     Peachy Sprouts started in July of 2023 when a group of veterans got together and decided to make the availability of higher nutritional ingredients a priority in urban centers.  We decided to make our new home here in Stockbridge, Georgia and begin our journey together as microgreen growers.  When we are not chasing the kids around we focus on bringing our products to local farmer's markets around the area.  We love meeting new people and other local producers.  Working together makes for a better community.
     We operate our horticultural facility much like a lab environment enacting strict sanitary processes to ensure high quality product.  We utilize 100% Organic seeds in most cases, but will grow other types on request.  Our soil medium is Coco Coir in conjunction with an organic nutrient solution.  We use full spectrum lighting to ensure top quality during greening.  We taste test each tray prior to packaging to ensure the microgreens meet our standards.  Our microgreens are delivered the day of harvest to ensure you have the best quality product at your door.  If you find us at a farmer's market please stop by and feel free to taste test any of our products.