Tray Exchange Program

We offer a live tray exchange program to ensure you are using the freshest ingredients for all of your dishes.  This also includes custom microgreen requests we will grow at our facility to meet your needs.  Your microgreens are delivered on the day prior to a normal harvest so they have the maximum time before true leaves form.  This ensures they maintain the best possible flavors for the longest time while waiting to be placed in your fine foods.  Delivery day can be scheduled to work best for you as our grow-on-demand style lets us be quite flexible.  Old trays will be picked up on delivery days.  Please ensure these trays are washed prior to returning to Peachy Sprouts delivery team.  Missing trays incur a service fee of $10 per tray.

Wholesale Pricing

For chefs and establishments spending a minimum of $100 a week with us we will offer wholesale pricing to provide cost savings.  Please contact us directly at to discuss your weekly needs and we can provide you a quote.  We can also offer live trays in a tray exchange, freshly harvested product, or a combination of both to suit your needs.