Learn To Grow Microgreens!
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$25 per person (includes grow kit you take home)
Proceeds from our educational classes will fund a new sustainable agriculture system which will provide increase nutrients for microgreens in 2024.  Remaining funds will be donated to local youth athletics programs.
Join Peachy Sprouts for a wonderful session on growing microgreens taught by Stuart Damron.  During this session you will learn the basics to get started and what factors impact germination, harvest weight, and much more.  All participants may choose between Broccoli or Radish for this class and will take home grow kits to keep! This class has been timed so your microgreens will be ready to harvest for Thanksgiving to be shared with friends and family.  Topics covered during this class include the following:
  • Soil Types & Amendments For Microgreens
  • Ideal Environmental Conditions
  • Seeding Process
  • Germination & Blackout
  • Lighting Options
  • Watering (Hydroponics & By Hand)
  • Mitigating Risk Factors
  • Harvesting Tips
  • Storage & Shelf Life
Grow Kits Include:
  • 3 5x5 Trays (1 with holes, 2 without holes)
  • 1 5x5 Hemp Mat
  • Seed Packet (Enough for multiple plantings)
  • Germination Weights