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Arugula Microgreen Seeds 10g Packet

Arugula Microgreen Seeds 10g Packet

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6-8 Days to maturity. Eruca sativa. Arugula Microgreen Seeds. Arugula microgreens are nutrient-packed and perfect for easy greens grown indoors and year-round. Arugula has a unique and peppery flavor that can pair beautifully with a variety of dishes and cuisines. As a garnish on soup, mixed into a salad, or wrapped in a tortilla with pesto and chicken, you simply can’t go wrong! These easy-going microgreens are sure to become a staple in your home for easy greens anytime of the year.

Daily consumption of Arugula microgreens can provide health benefits such as improving immune system function, lowering the risk of erectile dysfunction, improving vision and eye health, and helping fight against cancer. Arugula microgreens contain more nutrients per gram than at maturity. This means you don’t need to eat nearly the same volume to get the same incredible health benefits.

Seeds Per Package: ~5,500

Seed Data

Germ: 85%

Hard/Dormant: 0%

Germ + Hard: 85%

Germ Date: 08/01/2022

Origin: US


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